Jay Khodiyar machine tools is a company that manufactures bio-fuel producing machines identified as biomass briquetting plant. We have good popularity in the related market because of our high performance machines and the quality fuel they produce. We are into changing the insight of the usage of the fuel with our briquetting machines. We are successful in executing the same at the international level.

We are into offering the world outstanding technique to save the environment without compromising on the growth of the industries. Briquettes being excellent substitute of fossil fuels in terms of efficiency have a good scope in the domestic as well as international market. Apart from that, they cause minimal smoke or pollution, do not release any effluent. This form of fuel is cheaper and very abundant in nature.

We are not just into production of machines for eco-friendly fuel; we are into the project of safeguarding the environment.



The pressure procedure that briquettes experience amid their production permits them to burn for a more extended timeframe when contrasted with different sources of vitality, for example, coal.


Contrasted with different resources of vitality, briquettes have a higher warming worth in this way creating generally extraordinary warmth. They additionally have low powder content and a high warm esteem. Actually when in comparison firewood, they are 40% more productive and last longer.


This is one of the properties that make briquettes novel. Utilizing them doesn’t deliver ash, smoke, or carbon stores.



Jumbo BRQ 9075 is one of our jumbo range of machinery that offer high output, ideal for large budget investors looking forward to huge profits. This range of briquetting machine is exported world-wide because of its incredible demand in the global market.


Crusher cum Shredder is a must for our Super 65 Machine and Supreme 75 Machine that can only briquette powdery material. It augments the output of these briquetting machineries.

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Briquetting Super 65 Model is very useful for those investors who have small business of briquettes and need average output with very little investment. This machine is equally efficient as our other models of briquetting machinery.


Biomass Briquetting Press is machinery that makes fuel briquette out of bio-waste material that is generally disposed in an unproductive way. We make Biomass Briquetting Press that yield excellent output very efficiently.


Briquetting Supreme 75 is high performance briquetting machine is excellent for those who require medium quantity output of about 800-1000 Kg /Hr depending on the type raw material. It consumes about 50 – 60 Units / Hr.


Briquetting Plant produce fuel briquette one of the best renewable source of energy that is equally efficient as fossil fuels of solid category. We offer high quality briquetting plants that are widely demanded in the international market.