1. What is briquetting ?

The conversion of the agricultural waste to strong shape is referred to as briquetting.

2. What is Briquetting Plant ?

Briquetting plant is an eco friendly era to convert various residues like forestry, commercial and agriculture waste into solid blocks of bio-fuel.

3. What is Biomass Briquetting ?

Biomass Briquetting is a technique of making fuel with the aid of machines known as Biomass Briquetting Plant. This fuel is made from bio-wastes mostly agricultural and forest wastages. This fuel is thus abundant in availability and is very inexpensive.

4. Who can Setup a Biomass Briquetting Plant ?

Setting up Briquetting Plant System for the generation of Fuel Briquette is a business with a very high prospective. And therefore this Plant can be installed by anybody who is in search of a rewarding project to invest in.

5. What is the size of raw material that is used in briquetting plant ?

The raw materials should be smaller than 3mm.

6. What type of materials is used for Briquetting ?

The main raw material for briquetting is wood charcoal, forestry leaves, wax, rice husk, lignite coal, almond shells, starch, sawdust, cotton stalk and flowers, mustered husk.

7. What are the main Application of Biomass Briquettes ?

Briquette is immensely valued because it has high thermal calorific value and combusts smokeless and less polluting way. It is also very cheap, hence it is considered as very ideal for domestic applications like cooking, heating water and fireplace etc.

8. How many types of briquetting plant model available in market ?

There are six types of briquetting plant model available in market it also depends on the production capacity.

  1. Supreme 65
  2. Supreme 75
  3. Jumbo 90
  4. Biomass Crusher
  5. Turbo Dryer
  6. Rotary Dryer

9. What is briquetting machine?

Briquetting machine is utilized to prepare the waste material and make fuel wood from it.

10. Describe all the models of briquetting machine?

There are few popular models available in market of briquetting machine.

  • Jumbo 90
  • Jumbo BRQ 9075
  • Briquetting Supreme 75
  • Biomass Briquetting Press
  • Crusher cum Shredder
  • Briquetting Super 65 Model

11. What is Sawdust Briquettes?

A well known form of biomass briquettes up-and-coming in developed countries is called Sawdust Briquettes.

12. Why jumb90 is better than other briquetting machine?

Jumbo 90 production capacity machine has a very minimal operating expense as compared to other briquetting machine we and others provide.

13. Is there any pollution possibility during briquetting plant process?

No, there is no pollution possibility during briquetting plant process.

14. What are the benefits of developing up Briquetting Plant Project?

This project is better and cheaper than project.

Produced good quality briquettes.

There is no Sulfur content in briquettes.

There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.

The briquette is easy to ignite.

Briquetting Plant Project is pollution free and Eco-friendly.

15. Why do we need to briquetting?

The briquetting is mostly used for developing our world. It is substitute of coal and bio fuel.

16. In which industry briquettes are mostly used?

There is lots of industry that used briquettes like:

  • Brick Making Units
  • Food Processing Units
  • Biomass Based Power Plant
  • Textile Unit
  • Rubber Industries
  • Vegetable Plants

17. What is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting Plant is special equipment that converts bio-wastages like agricultural wastes, plant remains into a kind of fuel identified as briquettes. This plant is also well-known as eco-fuel generating equipment, due to the fact that the fuel briquette is least polluting and bio-degradable fuel.

18. Working Principle of a briquetting plant?

Biomass Briquetting Plant is fed with right type and size of bio-mass. Then they are subjected to proper point of pressure and temperature. This liquefies the lignin naturally occurring in the biomass. This lignin along with high pressure binds the material together to form briquettes. This technology is recognized as binder-less technology.

19. Why jay khodiyar machine tools?

Jay Khodiyar Machine tools is considered in the market as the most trustworthy company selling high quality, excellent performance Briquetting Plant Machine. Our Briquetting Machine is preferred over our competitors due to its competitive advantages like excellent out-put, high energy-efficiency, exceptional durability, affordability etc.

20. Briquetting machine price?

Our Bio Briquetting Plant & Machine products are very efficient and based on the most contemporary technology, also very lucrative. They are available at very affordable rates.

21. Manufacturer Biomass Briquetting Plant

We are the leading manufacturer of Biomass Briquetting Plant in India. We have excellent facilities, machineries as well as professionals for making supreme quality machines that function durably.

22. Biomass briquette making process is identified as ?

Biomass briquette making process is identified as binder-less technology. It is called so because it does not add in any type of chemical substances to keeps the bulky mass together.

23. What is Fuel Briquette Machine ?

Fuel briquetting plant is special bio-fuel producing machine known as briquettes. Industries making used of solid fuels for thermal applications have huge demand for these fuels.

24. What shape of briquette can you make?

We can design the briquettes according to customer’s requirement. Mostly, we can make briquettes into pillow, oval, semi-spherical etc.

25. Which is the best biomass briquetting machine manufacturer?

Jay Khodiyar is one of the best biomass briquetting machine manufacturer.

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