How to Briquette the biomass ?

Briquettes are generated from the bio-wastages like agricultural & forestry wastages. This process is identified as briquetting and is performed with the aid of Briquetting machines. The bio-wastages that need to be fed into the machines are processed. They are first shredded into right size and then are dried to reduce their moisture content. Once they are ready for briquetting, they are fed into the briquetting plant. The plant subjects the material under high pressure and temperature, to cause the liquification of the lignin, naturally present in the material. This lignin binds the material and the entire process improves the calorific value of the material, generating an excellent fuel biomass briquettes.

What is biomass fuel Briquette ?

Briquettes are high quality bio-fuel generated from bio-wastages like agricultural wastages, forest wastages and industrial wastages. These fuels serve as a good substitute of fossil fuel due to their high thermal calorie as well as high efficiency. Since they are made from wastages they can be produced as much as required. Hence they are very cheap and are available in abundance. Apart from that they are smokeless & do not pollute the atmosphere hence are getting popular among the industries as well as different commercial centre. They are also well-accepted for domestic applicatons.

Benefits of biomass Briquettes

Biomass briquettes have excellent competitive advantage over the traditional forms of fuel :

  • These are renewable form of fuel and can be generated as much as needed.
  • They are bio-degradable in nature
  • Do not emit any pollutant or effluent
  • Very cheap
  • Causes no scarcity problem
  • Excellent thermal calorific value
  • Good substitution of fossil fuel or any traditional form of fuel
  • Cost-effective
  • Widely applicable
  • Constant & steady combustion
  • Ash production is very low, and there are no ash fly during the combustion process