The problem of green house and global warming has turned the thinking of people towards making the world greener. This brings in the concept of briquetting. The main source of this briquettes is the fossil fuel i.e. the natural waste generated from agriculture, forest leaves, stalks, etc. The briquettes made from biomass are considered as a great substitute of coal and fuel, as they are made up of natural raw materials and do not cause any pollution to the atmosphere to the world.

The use of coal is risky for the atmosphere and even they are available in limited quantity in the world. To save the environment from this pollution biomass is a great option as they are cheaper, easy to generate and produces no toxic green house gases that harm the air or health of any living being. Conventional fuel pollute the environment and biomass briquettes are used in place of them for energy production in companies. They are even used to boil water and power turbines to generate electricity.

Briquetting eliminates the problem of importing and exporting of fossil fuel like coal, charcoal, etc. as briquettes are made in from natural agricultural and forestry waste. This will also reduce the expenses of electricity generation and fuel used in restaurants, boilers, etc.

Another advantage of briquetting is that it helps convert waste into revenue and also solves the problem of disposing the waste biomass materials. As the briquetting processcompresses the loose form of biomass, it allows them to burn for a longer time. The briquettes have higher heating value producing more thermal value. The main property of briquette is that it does not produce soot, smoke or any carbon deposits.

Briquettes prepared from briquetting are nearly 40-45% efficient than any other form fuel. The use of briquetting in today’s world will bring the world to an eco-friendly way of protecting the world.